08 Dec  2012  - 14 Dec  2012
Health: You’ll be in good health.

Finance & Career: Fair. Your hard work will pay off. Don’t worry if you’ve taken a big project in
hand. It will be profitable. You’ll also get support from the power and money people. Some of you
may get promoted due to a superior’s illness or alike.

Romance & Conjugal Relationship:If your partner is a Leo, Libra, Gemini or Virgo then you may
get a good news this week. So, hot connections are in progress for you.

General Comments: Try to stay tension free. Entertainment is favorable for you this week.
Health: Financial and physical problems could cloud your mood. However, there’s no risk of any
major physical problems.

Finance & Career: You’ll have to give highest priority to your professional life this week. Different
professional problems to face this week. Financial condition won’t be good enough.
Businesspersons could make loss this week. Specially those who are involved in business
related with foods.

Romance & Conjugal Relationship:You’ll be the victim of emotional complexities. Ingredients
like repressed caress, induced doubtfulness, inadequacy of self etc complex and unexplainable
feelings will make romance a tasteless hotchpotch. However, you don’t have to worry if your
partner is a Pisces or an Aquarius.

General Comments: Don’t let your whole attention to materialistic gain, save some for spiritual
development as well.
Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury.
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Your Weekly Horoscope by Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury
Kausar Ahmed Chaudhury, a natural gift who loves to roam in
extra-sensory world, was born on 16th of December 1944 in Sylhet
district, Bangladesh. He found deep interest in Astrology since he was a
minor boy of 11 years old. While boys of his age love to make adventures
in worldly matters, Chaudhury devoted himself in meditation at an early
age of 14. His institutional education in drawing and sketching was
accomplished in the prestigious Charukala Instute (Art Institute), Dhaka
University, Bangladesh.

A multi-dimensional personality, Chaudhury, besides writing drama for
TV, poems and lyrics, practises Astrology, one of his most beloved branch
of interest. Chaudhury uses several methods for this to make a very
precise prediction of every star. These include physiognomy, handwriting  
analysis, zodiac sign (Greek method), numerology, palmistry and ESP
(extra-sensory perception).

Chaudhury published a number of designated articles in various
newspapers. At present he is contributing in the Daily Prothom Alo and
rashi12.com regularly
Health: Physically well, but mentally not so bright.

Finance & Career: Fair. Expenses will rise. Don’t engage in an argument with anyone in office.
Progress in the process of abroad going is likely for a few Fishes. Because of financial
inadequacy, Aries businesspersons may not gain their expected profit.

Romance & Conjugal Relationship:If your partner is a Taurean, Libran, Stinger, Archer or Cappy
then speak very carefully. And keep your possessiveness in total control. Otherwise, there could
be a split in relationship.

General Comments: Nothing special.
Health: You’ll feel tired and shattered both physically and mentally.

Finance & Career: Stable. Many of you’ll enjoy professional improvement. Long distance
communication will be helping to it. Others will have a typical professional life during this period.

Romance & Conjugal Relationship:If you are single and shy type, you’ve a good news. You’ll
catch attention of the person you were trying to attract. If you’re smart kind then wait for him or her
to speak up. Let him or her be free to express his or her opinions. That will keep your romantic
scene nice.

General Comments: Don’t be impulsive taking a decision. And don’t take anything for granted.
Health: Nothing to worry about health except a little cold and cough.

Finance & Career: Fair. There could some sort of event leading to financial disappointment.
Keep faith in yourself. There’s no big change in your career though. You will be busy giving your
service for others. You’ll take some courageous steps. But think twice before taking any

Romance & Conjugal relationship: Romantic scenario won’t be so great as well. You’ll face
various challenge.

General Comments: Stay away from problems and troubles.
Health: You’ll be in good health.

Finance & Career: Not that good. Your head will be high among all those professional malice
and complexities.

Romance & Conjugal relationship: Do you know that your significant other is preparing for a
movement against you this week to ensure that you fulfill his/her demands and expectations?
Now that you know it, start doing what you should do. Wait, don’t you even contemplate to ruin
the movement, rather start to fulfill his or her demands – which it is all about. Otherwise, the
next week you’ll be singing “My spiritual Guru says, “Is it possible to put back a broken
earthenware to its original shape and state? “If Guru insists it can be mended…” Well, but my
point is why would you push this thing so far to involve the Guru to handle the consequences?

General Comments: Be careful when you travel.
Health: Minor problems are in store.

Finance & Career: Pockets will be warm. You could be in some financial snug. However, you’re
cautious enough to avoid any fraudulency. There will be some event to make you feel satisfied
about your profession this week.

Romance & Conjugal relationship: Generally, you’re a bit harsh. But your heart will melt with a
gentle kiss of sun. You’ll be more sensitive. And when your heart fills with repulse caress, love
can’t be any more powerful. It will be warm with affection. Impulse, Caprice, squabble, climax
will be the ingredients of your love this week. Romance will be terrific! You’ll love it!

General Comments: Nothing special.
Health: Not good. You’ll be under pressure. Minor health related issues are in store.

Finance & Career: Fair to good. Money makes money. Investment is highly profitable. But don’t
make impulsive investments. Take steps carefully. Impulses for buying fancy things will be
high. Put some lock in your pocket, purse, or wallet - if you can.

Romance & Conjugal relationship: Romance will be enjoyable only if you can keep your mood
right. If you get angry in every situation, your significant other might leave you in one peace –
that’s for sure!

General Comments: You need to be more active and dynamic about bringing out your latent
Health: There is no one except the Almighty to help you and take care of you when you’re in
danger. Don’t be afraid, there’s no danger for most of you.

Finance & Career: Be prepared to digest a whole lot of advices, for free of course. You won’t
have enough cash. But, it will feel like somebody has put some grease between your fingers. It
will be difficult to control impulses for spending.

Romance & Conjugal relationship: First three days will be devastating. Gruesome squabbling
will take place. Well, but it will be limited to verbal fighting. But the rest of week – if you peek
through the window of your mind – you’ll see the fog melts away as the sunbeams
approaches. The sky becomes blue, white dreamy clouds drift gently…

General Comments: Don’t let problems take away the great smile that you can smile.
Health: Health won’t be as well as was expected for various reasons.

Finance & Career: Financial condition will be pathetic! You may depend on the wrong person
for a professional purpose. Many will promise you about different financial matters. But it will
be better if you keep documents during dealings (business or any other).

Romance & Conjugal relationship: This week romance totally depends on your mentality. You’
ll have to pay huge attention to the demands, desires and longing of the significant other with
whom your heart has been close-circuited. Otherwise, you will have to face troubles of
temporary short-circuit.

General Comments: Nothing special.
Health: You’ll be worried about your health – may it be physical or mental issue.

Finance & Career: You will face great difficulty in your profession. It could be about leave or
holidays. Talk respectfully with your co-workers. However, financial condition will be cool. But
there will be a feeling of irritation on your palms, i.e., expenses will go up high.

Romance & Conjugal relationship: It will be a typical romantic week for most Aquarius; that is,
it won’t be so cool “romantically”. However, for most engaged ones things could be worse.
There will be a low pressure in the romantic weather and it will persist. A number 10 great
danger is in the store for you. Don’t take it lightly.

General Comments: Some of your friends will come into your help. Keep patience. You’ll see
the sign of hope amidst the problems you’re going through.
Health: You may catch cold; except that there won’t be anything more to worry.

Finance & Career: Pocket will be warm, but this warmth is not going to last. Longer it will take
for gaining financial solvency. You’ll need support from your co-workers, high-rankers and from
your subordinates. There will be tremendous workload for you this week.

Romance & Conjugal relationship: Troubles will be unavoidable. Engaged ones who are so
impetuous about getting married should first think about the expenses to maintain a family;
because it’s still uncertain as to when price of goods will drop. There’s nothing special for

General Comments: Your willpower will be tremendous this week.
Courtesy: rashi12.com
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