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10 Easy Steps to speed Up Your PC Without Upgrading
Software Development Process and Its Importance
Digital Camera Review by Roberto Sedycias
Notebook and Wi-Fi standards
Pixels and Digital Cameras
Protect Yourself from Identity Theft by Dan Thompson
Which Resolution Do I need 720p, 1080p?
Choosing the Proper TV Screen Size by David Tanguay

Environmental Issues


The Royal Bengal Tiger
River Dolphins – Baiji and Shushuk


Are Soil Pollutioin Risks Established by Governments the Same as Actual risks?
Evolution of Physics and Technology
An Overview: Sewege sludge disposal - Environmental Problems
How to write a project proposal
Chemoinformatics: Principles and Applications
Neem: A Great Boon to Mankind
Development of Astronomy: Role of Arabian and Egyptian Scientists
Contributions of Ancient Arabian and Egyptian Scientists on Botany and Agriculture
Impact of Pesticide Use in Indian Agriculture - Their Benefits and Hazards
Antioxidants: Chemistry and Their Impact on Health    
Air pollution Soaring High
Modeling Climate Changes
Global Warming in 21 st Century
Antioxidants: Chemistry and Their Impact on health
Bioremediation: a Natural Way to Clean the Environment
Sewage Water Pollution and Its Environmental Effects – Md. Wasim Aktar
Biodiesels – Are They the Answer To Our Energy Woes
How To Conserve Water at Home and in the Workplace by Justin March

Reports & Documents

Nuclear Power: The Consequences
The Ecosystem Approach – protecting marine life in all its forms
The Economics of Nuclear Power
Solar Thermal power
Global Wind Energy


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Hellbrunner Zoo


Yoga Articles

Why do Yoga by John Tunney
Learn breathing the yoga way
Understanding Pranayama
Mind-detoxification by Arun Goel
Busting Stress Through 6-minutes Breathing
Coping with Pain – The Yoga Way
Understanding Disease Onset & its Control

Positive Thoughts

Improving self-esteem by David Stuart
7 Ways to Improve Your Attitude by Manohar Chimmani
How to Achieve Your Goals by John Campbell
Getting Away Without Going Away by Harriet Russel (Bhumi)
Intelligent Optimism Wins in Today’s World by Eileen McDargh


Salzburg – Mozart’s City of Music and Joy




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Relationships – 9 Never Changing Rules

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