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Choosing the Proper TV Screen Size

Author: David Tanguay

Location of the television is a big consideration in the purchase of your lightweight TV screen, no matter the type you buy. Before you,
purchase be sure to take some measurements of height, width and the depth of the area you wish to place you TV screen.   

The unit must be placed close to an energy outlet for convenience and tucking the cables and wires out of sight. A normal seating placement
of a TV screen should be close to three to six time the screens size of width for the most enjoyable viewing pleasure.

The units of measurement of the horizontal and vertical proportion of a TV screen are called its aspect ratio. Aspect ratio relates to the shape
of the screen.  For traditional televisions, this is 4:3 as with wide screen TV's the aspect ratio is 16:9.

A wide screen TV has the shape much like a movie screen, which creates the feel of watching from a movie theater.

Wide screens are of course more expensive, and have an inclination to distort images that are intended for normal sizes of television
screens.  Different modes are available on wide screen TV's so check with the manufacturer to experiment with your viewing screen option

Entertainment centers can be limiting of size if you are planning for a large size television.  When shopping for a TV that will fit into an
entertainment center, remember to allow measurements for the screens size of height, weight, depth and width.   

There should also be room left for proper ventilation for TV's, which rest on entertainment centers.  Be sure to leave at the very least 3 inches
at the top and sides of the TV screen and enough room to attach speakers if you so choose.

Then there is also the advantage of buying a flat screen TV that can be mounted onto the walls of your home or office.  Wall mounted TV
screens give you the advantage of great entertainment and more room to move around in your home.

Normally a television screen measuring 27 inches and less are always a good choice for home entertainment viewing.  Keeping the viewing
distance proportioned to the TV screen size aids in the viewing pleasure experience.

Choose the screen size based on the distance of viewing the television screen. Being to close or to far away will affect your view of the TV

The approximate recommendations of screen size and sitting position are 5 to 10 feet for viewing 32 to 37 inch screens.

10 to 15 feet for viewing 42 inch television screens.

7 to 17 feet for viewing a 50-inch television screen.

Moreover, measurement of feet from viewing a larger size screen should be 15 or better in length.

Remember the higher the resolution the more expensive the price of a flat screen television.

Taking the time for measurements before purchase will be sure to have you bringing home an enjoyable screen size that you will be
comfortable with for years to come.


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