Data analysis in Excel using ‘Data Analysis’ Tool

Analysis of a series of data to know the mean, standard deviation, standard error, sum, variance and other measures, can easily
be done using Excel’s ‘Data Analysis’ tool. This tool is located in the Tools menu. But you have to look if it is there. If not, then get
it first. Follow:

                 -        go to Tools, then Add-Ins
                 -        in the Add-Ins window, select Analysis ToolPak.

Analysis ToolPak provides the necessary functions for data analysis.

Now let’s do an exercise.

Let’s say that we have results from two plants for chromium (Cr) concentrations. One plant group is Brassica napus or rapeseed
and the other group is Urtica dioica or stinging nettle.

             For the rest,



Data Analysis in Excel