Football and Chiliz ($CHZ)

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Football and Chiliz ($CHZ)

Post by Admin » Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:52 pm

As the famous Scottish football player Jock Stein said: “Football is nothing without fans” and as sports journalist Kabir Chibber wrote in 2018 on Magazine Quartz: 'Without the support of their fans, a sports team is 20% more likely to lose', you can imagine how fans are integral soul part of their beloved teams, not only cheering and roaring when their clubs score goals but following the teams even in bad times. That's how fans vibrate their teams to lead the scoreboard in the next league. That's football.

Now, Chiliz ($CHZ) a digital currency for sports and entertainment adds some extra spices to fans vibrating powers through, which enables endless possibilities for football fans to influnce thier respective club decisions like which music to play in the stadium when the club scores a goal, who wins ‘man of the match’, go ahead to vote for match locations for the summer tour and lot more.

Fans engagement to their favorite clubs happens through Fan Tokens (FT) offered by their respective clubs. So Barcelona fans, for example, can vote on their club decisions through Barca Fan Tokens ($BAR), which can be purchased on using Chiliz digital currency.

That's not all, a new feature 'Token Hunt' on app allows fans to accumulate free Chiliz + offered fan tokens like $BAR for FC Barcelona, $JUV for Juventus FC, $ATM for Atletico de Madrid, $PSG token for Paris-Saint-Germain and more.

Once you download the app, you can see the current polls your favorite team is asking you to vote for. Just weeks before Galatasaray Sports Club asked fans to vote on the official Entrance Anthem for the club through $GAL fan tokens.

The fans engagement platform has official partnerships with major football clubs around the globe, such as FC Barcelona, Juventus FC, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid, West Ham United, AS Roma, Galatasaray SK, Club Atletico Independiente.

As Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus tweeted recently: „Likely scenario: EURO 2020 > 2021 and all European Leagues (domestic + UCL) to be played in May/June/July. This is actually a great opportunity for @socios because we will be able to push much more a better product in a couple of months.“ Meaning more football clubs will be joining the platform, more fans participation in clubs decisions and many more features.

In 2 weeks Alex is going to livestream AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with some 'killer-app' for the fans worldwide. Furthermore, the man behind Chiliz admits, Chiliz is becoming a fintech + sports tech company powered by blockchain.

Still waiting or are you going to join the caravan?

Cheers guys.

Update: Read on BitPanda blog: Why fan tokens are the future of the sports industry

Update: A new Chiliz community:

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