What does ‘HTTP: 403 Forbidden’ message mean

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What does ‘HTTP: 403 Forbidden’ message mean

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If you are trying to access a website or a specific database and you can’t, rather you get a ‘HTTP: 403 Forbidden’ message, then it means the server that hosts your site or database, is not allowing it for some reasons to access to view the page you want to. This does not mean that your website is destroyed.

But it could mean a kind of ‘hacking’ among other reasons (i.e. your site is hacked). In this case, it’s better to contact the host of your web server (your web hosting authority).

Then the problem is solved. :)
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It is good to know the information you have shared with us. I used to think that what does this message actually reveal HostSailor Reviews. From your blog, I have got the information that it is the problem of the server that it is not able to access the page.
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