Turkey - Beginning of rift in NATO

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Turkey - Beginning of rift in NATO

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In coming months amid outcry of other NATO members, Turkey will start receiving Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system.

Turkey plays a vital role for NATO, specially for US military operations in the Middle East. What drifted Turkey's policy towards NATO's arch enemy is nothing but distrust. Turkey can't keep trust on its allies any more, specially after the 2016 coup attempt against President Erdogan. Turkey believes, US had hidden hands there.

Now as US won't sell F-35s to Turkey, Russia is offering its fifth-generation fighter jets Su-57.

Russians are gaining in world politics. China too.

Once America's communist rivals lacked cash money and advanced technology. Reality changed dramatically. China and Russia both are flooded with money now. They are mastering more advanced technology than any other NATO countries. That alone is pushing Turkey confidently to buy Russian arms.

Other than the continental Silk Road, China is buliding its maritime Silk Road to exercise its control over the South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Every new aircraft carrier Chinese Navy is going to put on the water, will enhance China's strategic and military operations more sophisticated and dominant. They are ment to show power and authority.

A retreating US's role in current world politics is swiftly taken away by the emerging and highly confident Chinese and Russian powers.
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