Even if you can buy a milliBitcoin (mBTC), Get it first as possible

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Even if you can buy a milliBitcoin (mBTC), Get it first as possible

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With Facebook's recent announcement of its own Cryptocurrency, mass public might have got its first look and feeling of cryptos. Cryptos are digital currencies. There are plenty of infos on the net. So I am not going to talk about it.

The only thing I will note here is: Bitcoin. The Revolution and Beginning of a new type of currency free from anyone's control. Decentralized. That's the power of Bitcoin (BTC).

Currently only 17 Million BTCs are available. Total supply is just 21 Million.

BTCs can be divided upto eighth decimal points. That means 0.00000001. That means you can buy 1 BTC if you can, if not, you can buy 0.1 BTC or 0.01 BTC or even 0.000001 BTC as an example.

What I want to say is, Bitcoin will soon start getting scarce. Bitcoin will take the value as 'digital gold' and we will have only 21 Million of it. Not more. And there is the 'hack'. You won't have any more supply leaving a huge market demand.

As it's the most secured Cryptocurrency, it will have its pioneering position as 'digital gold' forever. All the rest of cryptos will be valued based on BTC. With such a limited supply, demand will be skyrocketing. People will feel glad even if they can own 0.0000001 BTC. Just imagine the situation.

A digital revolution where Bitcoin is the 'King'.

I guess people are started to get awake. So try to get some fractions of BTC even if you can invest just $10.

Like any other investment, cryoto invest is risky too. So it's upto you to take the risk.

My understanding is that, we are driving fast into the 'Era of Digital Currency', and there's no way back. So if we now fall behind, we will regret forever. With every single day, BTC will be only becoming a 'golden horse'.

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