Indian general election 2019

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Indian general election 2019

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Indian general election 2019 to elect a new lower house of parliament started already from today. The seven phase election will end on 19th of May.

With 900 million voters, India is one of the largest democracy on this planet. Here India has no competition with China :-)

The lower house of Indian parliament has 543 seats. To form a government, at least 272 seats are required.

Current Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP will face tough competition this time from Indian Congress Party led by Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi. This election is also a challenge for the young Gandhis to show if their charismatic leadership can change the power in Delhi.

So let's wait till 19 May.

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Re: Indian general election 2019

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Indian general elections are biggest elections in the world because India is a second biggest democratic country. I have read rushmyessay review and knew that last years election were tough for all politicians because competition between all parties was very high.
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Re: Indian general election 2019

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The Indian general election of 2019 showcased the vibrant spirit of democracy in the country. It was an incredible display of citizens exercising their right to vote and actively participating in shaping the nation's future. The high voter turnout reflected the enthusiasm and commitment of the Indian people towards their democracy. The election was a testament to India's diversity, unity, and the strength of its democratic institutions. Additionally, in the digital age, the election also witnessed the emergence of new forms of political expression, such as social media campaigns and custom avatars, which further empowered individuals to engage in the democratic process. It reinforced the belief in the power of the people to bring about positive change through peaceful and democratic means.
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