Shiba Inu: The Art of Crypto War by Shytoshi Kusama

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Shiba Inu: The Art of Crypto War by Shytoshi Kusama

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Since October when Shiba Inu peaked a dramatic 0.000088 usd, the token is continuously falling under conspiracies to show it as an worthless crypto asset. But in reality Shiba Inu token holders are increasing in number in every single day. While some powerful guys and exchanges don't want millions of middle class people to get rich, Shiba Inu is becoming a symbol of 'revolution' itself. Currently Shiba token holders are approaching a million. Once this line passed, Shiba Inu will take the crypto world with 'thunderstorm'.

Today Shytoshi Kusama wrote details about Shiba Inu on to clear all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) relating to the token, and if you are already a Shiba Inu token holder or someone who is still dealing with indecision to join the community movement, you should read this.

Shiba Inu is becoming people's choice everyday. The token has a lot more rooms to grow and as Shytoshi wrote: We will win by becoming a top 3 token.

This is certainly going to happen before the end of 2021.

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*Update: Shiba Inu accepted by America’s largest VR centre

*Update: BitPay Supports Shiba Inu: Buy, Store, Swap, and Spend with BitPay

*Update: The Future of Gaming Is Shib by Shytoshi Kusama
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