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Barca Token jumped 186 percent within 40 minutes

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:57 pm
by Duckk
Barca Token, FC Barcelona Token $BAR jumped to 186% within 40 minutes of trading on Chiliz Exchange.

This is amazing guys.

Barca FTO or Fan Token Offering was 2 dollar each (160 Chiliz), right at this moment it is 6.65 USD (534 Chiliz). FTO started on Monday 22.06, ended today at 13.00 German local time.

There are only 40 Million Barca Token ($BAR). Remember there are only 21 Million Bitcoin.

Many crazy fans believe, Barca will reach 1000 USD soon. It's possible. FC Barcelona has 400 Million fans worldwide :-)

Here is Exchange

On Coin Market Cap: ... fan-token/

Update: A new Chiliz community:

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