Question about Checkrs background check

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Question about Checkrs background check

Post by Milikud »

Hello everybody! My DoorDash account was deactivated after they did a background check on me and I decided to ask here if anybody had the same situation. I was working there for a long period but had only good feedback from the customers. I had some records in my criminal reports, but I was not convicted. Moreover, the records have at least 10 years. As I found here,, I can remove that old information from my accounts, can't I? Any advice will be appreciated.
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Re: Question about Checkrs background check

Post by KianaWatkins »

If you believe your deactivation is related to old, non-conviction records, you can certainly dispute this with DoorDash and attempt to remove or correct that information. The article you mentioned appears to provide guidance on how to dispute such deactivations, which can be a valuable resource in your situation. Document all your interactions with DoorDash, provide any evidence that supports your case, and be persistent in your efforts to reactivate your account. It's essential to have patience and stay engaged in the process as you work towards a resolution.
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